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Can I pay online, or with a credit card.

No, but we are working to be able to accept credit cards for on site bulk sealer sales, as well as other on site material sales. We do not accept credit cards for project payments under any circumstance.

When will someone come walk the project location?

After you've requested an estimate and provided our team with the necessary information, they will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

When is the best time to get the ball rolling on a project for the most booking options?

Early bird gets the worm, it is best to get the ball rolling on your project in early March. This is because most people have forgotten all about regular maintenance on their roads and parking structures. When you get in touch with us in our off season as an added benifit, we offer free multi-year budget planning. The intent of this plan is to account for all current, and future repair and maitenance your property will need. The best part, absolutley no strings attached!

Does Hill's Blacktop & Concrete do residential work?

We do not accept residential work at this time.

What kind of sealcoat does Hill's Blacktop & Concrete use?

We are proud to use SealMaster Pros Coal Tar Commercial Asphalt Sealer. An above average product, for above average curb appeal.


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